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Fashion Automatic Intelligent Sweeping Robot

Fashion Automatic Intelligent Sweeping Robot

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Operation mode: remote control type
Power supply: USB
Timing function: no timing
Rated voltage: 3.4V
Rated power: 5W
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Switch type: normal button
Cleaning route: random
Sweeper function: drag sweep suction type
Sweeper style: intelligent robot
Environment: Home
Applicable area: 70-90 square meters
Capacity: 1 l
Collision protection: mechanical collision
Color: blue, black


Upgrade your home cleaning with the Fashion Automatic Intelligent Sweeping Robot. This smart device navigates your space effortlessly, removing dirt and dust with precision. Its sleek design and advanced technology ensure a thorough clean, making household chores a breeze. Perfect for modern living, this robot is your new cleaning companion.

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floor mopping robot*1

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