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Five-Color Wind Turbine Shower Head - 56 Speed Water Silicone

Five-Color Wind Turbine Shower Head - 56 Speed Water Silicone

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Introducing our Silicone Self-Cleaning Shower Head - the ultimate shower experience for you and your family! Made with eco-friendly ABS material, this shower head is designed to provide a high-pressure water outlet that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

With 5-speed adjustment modes, including Pulse, Rain, Shower, Soft, Mist, and Spray Gun, you can customize your shower experience to your liking. Plus, our shower head is equipped with a built-in turbo fan that rotates quickly to increase water pressure even further.

Our dense outlet holes ensure a large water flow to prevent clogging, and the removable cleaning feature makes it easy to maintain and keep clean. Plus, the one-key press to stop the water allows for convenient hair washing, bathing for children and pets, and water-saving.

Installation is a breeze - simply screw it onto any standard shower hose. And, our shower head helps improve mineral nutrient absorption, reduce oil secretion, and increase cell viability, making it a must-have for your daily routine.

Included in the packing list is one shower head, so you can start enjoying your new shower experience right away! Upgrade your shower game with our Silicone Self-Cleaning Shower Head today.  Enjoy  your new shower experience immediately

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